Welcome NFT Enthusiasts! Browse this page to learn more about the new Hashmask community DAO


MaskDAO is a community led Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) built off the community of Hashmask NFT holders. Together the DAO will innovate the NFT ecosystem by building an artist focused marketplace, curate new NFT releases, and new tools proposed by its community members and curators.

MSK Launch

In order to launch MaskDAO, there will be a MSK governance token distribution phase. Distribution will be airdropped to Hashmask owners, and other selected NFT communities. Afterwards MSK will also be earned through a variety of liquidity mining programs.


To be the go to place for innovation in the NFT ecosystem. Fund and develop revenue generating tools to improve the NFT experience for artists and buyers. Initial plans include building an NFT launch platform and marketplace for works curated by the MaskDAO community. Ideas beyond initial scope of the MaskDAO will be proposed, and voted on by MSK holders.

Roles of Governance

  • Develop NFT launch platform and marketplace (“Curate” Platform)
  • Artist selection (Approve artist proposals)
  • Treasury management
  • Fund NFT Ecosystem Projects

Roles of Community

  • Artist outreach
  • Keep a pulse on industry trends
  • Find projects for MaskDAO to launch and build


In a time where anything can be put together and tokenized, MaskDAO looks at the Hashmasks release as the gold standard for NFT launches. When MaskDAO curates new NFT projects for release, it's curaters will strive to maintain high standards during its selection process. While not every artist or piece of art may fit the taste of everyone, the process and presentation should be admired.
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