Fee's and Penalties
In an effort to build the DAO treasury and encourage long term LP involvement, there will be LP deposit/withdraw fee’s. Bao.Finance uses a similar model.

Below are the Fee's and Penalties for LP depositors in the Liquidity Mining Program

Standard Deposit Fee - .75%

Withdraw Fees

· .5% after 7 days and before 2 weeks · .25% after 2 weeks but before 4 weeks · .1% after 4 weeks

Early Exit Penalty Fees

· 1% if user withdraws after one week · 2% if user withdraws under 4 days · 4% if user withdraws under 1 day · 8% if user withdraws under 2 hours · 25% slashing fee if withdraw occurs in same block (preventing flash loan abuse)
Last modified 11mo ago
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