What MaskDAO is Aiming to Accomplish

Future Plans

The first product of MaskDAO. “Curate Gallery” will be a place for NFT creators to propose their artwork to the MaskDAO Curators for approval. Once approved, the NFT’s will go for sale on the Curate Marketplace. The goal is to build an “artist first” platform that will create a long term revenue stream to artists. Below is an image of the deal flow for artists and the payout mechanism. Successful NFT releases through the Curate Platform can generate revenue for MaskDAO.

Ecosystem Tools

The NFT Digital Art space is constantly evolving and with every new release, new tools are requested. After the Hashmask release, the community instantly saw demand for tools like “”. To continue innovation and provide a better experience for users in the NFT ecosystem, MaskDAO will aim to fund new tools requested by the community.

To give back to underprivileged communities and their creative programs, MaskDAO would like to set up NFT launches to showcase their art. Curators will look for areas in need, and work alongside them for a successful sale that can support the communities.